Different types of E-cigs explained

By now you’ve heard of the electronic cigarette. You know its making huge inroads into the world of tobacco smoking, but what is it and how can you benefit from this technological advance.

Widely regarded as a safer alternative to real cigarettes, the rise of the e-cig has brought into focus the dangers smokers face obtaining their nicotine hit by burning dried, rolled up tobacco.

With the e-cig, vapers simply inhale on the device to satisfy their cravings. As you take a drag, the e-juice is heated and the atomizer creates a nicotine-rich mist. Once exhaled, nicotine is absorbed by the body and leaves propylene glycol vaper to simulate the smoke created by tobacco cigarettes.

Since its inception in 2007, electronic cigarettes have evolved and many variants are out there. Every new model promises to bring out the best vaping experience for you. For those who are relatively new to “vaping,” or inhaling nicotine vapours with the use of electronic cigarettes, it pays to know the different vaping devices there are before you can decide which of these will honestly supply the smokeless experience you want.

Although sometimes varying in looks, all electronic cigarettes have similar basic components.

Although different in make-up, all electronic cigarettes in the market will have similar basic components. A battery to power the device, an atomizer to get the mist out, and a heating coil to heat the e-juice containing the nicotine.

There are three types of e-cigs in the market:

Mini e-cig (with disposable or rechargeable battery), Mid-sized or Vape Pen and the Mods. To make it simpler to understand, focus on the number of pieces each type is made up of.Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

Mini E-Cigs

Most people who are looking to switch from tobacco cigarettes begin vaping with a mini e-cig style device. These mimic the look and size of traditional smokes and make the transition into vaping easier to understand. The devices are very simple to assemble and use.

Once the pre-filled cartridge (Known as a cartomiser, as it combines the cartridge and atomiser into one component) is screwed in to a fully charged battery, you are good to go. Mini e-cigs are traditionally sold in starter kits that include 1 or 2 rechargeable batteries, a number of cartomisers and charger.

Cartomisers come in a number of different flavours and nicotine strengths (including 0%). Mini e-cigs can also be purchased in the disposable form which is a great way to test a particular brand or flavour, but will work out more expensive than purchasing a rechargeable battery device.

Vape Pens hit a sweet spot

vape pen

Vape Pens and Mods are preferred by experienced vapers. This type of e-cig has three parts that can be taken apart. There’s a separate compartment for the battery, the atomizer and tank for the e-juice.

It also comes with its own wall or USB charger so that you never run out of power when you get your nicotine fix. This type has made little modification compared to the ones initially made in 2007.

This type of e-cig offers some advantages. Since its atomiser can be replaced, you can use the device with various flavours , altering the nicotine strength in your e-juice. This allows you to control the amount of nicotine in the mist generated and inhaled.

It also the best kind of vaping unit in terms of cost. You also get to replace only the parts that wear out – whether the atomizer dies on you, the battery doesn’t charge or the cartridge goes empty, you can have it replaced. More often than not, atomizers and batteries tend to be replaced often as it does not come with lengthy warranties.

Be carefree

If you’re not the type who wants to worry about upkeep of your electronic cigarette, go for the disposable kind. The battery, atomizer and cartridge are packed in one unit. It cannot be disassembled even when its batteries run out or its e-juice gets depleted. If that happens, it gets disposed of. Compared to the other types of e-cigarettes, this is the most expensive.

Each unit costs just as much as a pack of regular cigarettes. Besides, there has yet to be a quality throwaway e-cig in the market. A non-reusable vapour cig will suffice while you wait for the replacement or repair of a broken e-cigarette.

Which Vape right for you?

which vape

Given the following options might make it a little harder to decide. If you’re just starting out, get a disposable variety for the meantime. Get a feel of what flavor works for you and how much nicotine will give you that right amount of pleasure similar to smoking the regular kind. When you get the hang of it, that’s when you try to shift to the modified or regular kind.

For people who want to experience a variety of flavours, get the modified. Atomizers have the tendency to retain the flavours of the e-juice they are used on.

Although it will set you back a couple of bucks, it allows you to keep a variety of atomizers for each specific flavour. Not only will the technique of one atomizer per flavour increase its shelf life, it also gives you an experience comparable to those who use the regular e-cigs.

For a more flavourful experience, try using the regular electronic cigarette. Since the atomizer is not packed with the e-juice cartridge, the vapour it produces is chockfull of goodness.

Another thing that attracts most people to this type is that they look forward to refilling their own cartridges with e-juice. It can be quite messy for the newbies and it takes time and lots of practice to get the blend just right to your taste.

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