What is throat hit?

A throat hit is the sensation produced by the electronic cigarette at the back of your throat after you have taken your first drag of vapour. Nicotine vapour does it to the throat in transit to the lungs and it is actually some form of mild irritation that traditional smokers look forward to.

The experience of a pleasurable throat hit often hooks smokers to one particular brand. It is especially true when smokers shifted to electronic cigarettes to quit smoking and has not been able to replace the habit with nicotine patches or gum.

According to tobacco companies, vapers are often at a disadvantage of getting a gratifyingly consistent throat hit because there is no burning tobacco involved when using e-cigs. However, there are some factors that come into play to make it easier to get it even when vaping.

The juice matters.

throat-hitThe quality of the e-juice your cartridge contains actually spells out whether it comes in smoothly or just as bitter. High quality e-juice delivers better vapours. Some claim that it is also dependent on where the e-juice is manufactured. They believe that imported brands actually deliver better hits compared to the mellow ones produced locally.

The right concentration of nicotine and other flavours present in the juice delivers the right kick. Nicotine actually allows the smooth muscles of the throat to contract to get a somewhat similar feeling of something actually kicking your throat. The amount of nicotine is said to affect the kind of hit you get. Light vaping will do fine at any dose below 12 milligrams. Medium to heavy vaping usage will require 18 to 24 milligrams of nicotine. Seasoned vapers believe that it is not in the nicotine content, but rather the additional flavours you put in while steeping. Cinnamon, capsaicin, and menthol are often added in to get that additional oomph especially for those who use up less nicotine.

Master the modus.

To get the hit, you should be able to manipulate your e-cig by heating the juice more to produce better vapors. Another useful technique is to inhale slowly to take deep drags that last about three to five seconds rather than quick puffs. The longer the span between vaping sessions, the more there is a tendency to crave for stronger hits.

If you steep your own juice, aim for equal amounts of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). PG enhances the flavour but VG produces the vapour. The higher the VG, the harsher hit you get so if you want something even better, lower the VG concentration and increase the PG.

Performance not size.

When you’re aiming for the hit, make sure that the atomizers are clean and the batteries at full charge before use. Atomizers often get clogged and batteries eventually get weak in time.

E-cigs with high voltage batteries and low resistance atomizers allow the vapour to heat up better and create better mists for that kick in the throat. Be warned though, these kind conk out way before their expiry dates so make sure you have spares at hand.

Ask anyone who engages in vaping what it feels like to puff without the throat hit. The vaping experience becomes dull and misses the point why you ever shifted to e-cigs in the first place. Nevertheless, understanding how each factor listed above contributes to good vaping. You’ll probably learn how to get the combination right in time. Do not fall into the trap of buying e-juice that claim to produce that kick. It’s better to read their reviews by actual users before investing your money in one.

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