Australia First to Ban Smoking and Promote E-Cigs?

Australia may implement nationwide smoking ban and become e-cigarette haven

Australia may consider implementing the world’s first total smoking ban if electronic cigarettes are proven safe and effective. The country has taken a hard stance against smoking for decades by introducing plain packaging for cigarettes and banning nicotine e-liquid.

Now it seems healthcare professionals and anti-smoking lobbyists war on “cancer sticks” could lead to a surprising turn a round for the vaping community down under who had previously being targeted by the governments hard line.

[quote]The Australian government isn’t going to have Aussie smokers quit cold turkey.[/quote] The National Health and Medical Research Council is funding a study to find out whether e-cigarettes are a viable alternative. Contrary to previous reports the federal government is not footing the bill for the research but is interested in the results. At present, there have been no Australian scientific studies into whether e-cigarettes are truly safe when used long term.

If the e-cigs are found to be safer, the country might push for legislation that can affect a total smoking ban. Other alternative nicotine replacement products that can supply the smoker’s nicotine fix in form of lozenges and patches, including hypnotherapy, have not been effective for most.

Those who tried these devices have noticed significant changes in their smoking habits. What works for some people might not be as effective for others. Once Australia’s smoking ban is in place, smokers have to choose an alternative.

E-cigs heat nicotine laced liquid to produce vapour that can be inhaled and expelled similar to cigarettes. Unlike conventional smokes, the juice that contains nicotine is free of tar and other identified chemicals that might cause cancer.

Cigarettes can also start fires when disposed irresponsibly which isn’t possible with e-cigarettes as they are battery operated. However, smokers transitioning to this type of nicotine hit have to invest in a decent starter kit first and set aside budget for the e-juice as they go along. Die hard smokers might be enticed to splurge on luxury accessories.

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